Is there a “getparam” pendant for setparam?

Is there a “getparam” pendant for setparam?

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I am struggeling setting ums_structuretag, so I wanna check on the device if structuretag is set correctly

get_rmsettings if you want to “get” every config from UMS. Is that what you need?

maybe Iam mixing up something…

I wanna set a “structure_tag” with a version number to show this version number within UMS.

So I am trying to use setparam to set structure_tag.

Unfortunately I get no error nor sucess message when setting structure_tag and in UMS the field is blank πŸ™‚

If I set it via UMS console its working but thats not suitable here πŸ™‚

I am talkig abt this Thread:

Are you running write_rmsettings after the setparam… line?

True! write_rmsettings will write the actual local config to UMS. After that hit F5 in UMS, and it should be set.

Good catch! Thats the trick…

Anything to think about before rolling out the script to 100s of ThinClients? πŸ™‚

I guess it’s not possible to just β€žwriteβ€œ the structure_tag back to UMS?

not from what I recall, will check if I see some funny commands πŸ™‚

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