Is there a Multi user function on IGEL OS 12?

OS12: When using SSO (AzureAD) to log into IGEL OS 12 it seems that different users share the same environment within IGEL OS and therefore for example can see browser history or saved logins of previous users. It would be nice to give every user a fresh profile or cache them individually per user on the endpoint. Is this something being on the roadmap?

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I putted it on the list of questions!

Even after a reboot?

Yes, even does persist over a reboot. I guess I could force Chromium into incognito mode and/or clear the data on close but imho it would make more sense to give the users a dedicated profile when logging in via SSO. I didn’t check if it’s the same behaviour with other authentication methods like AD or local user.

For now for shared devices, I would open a ticket with IGEL support to get official fix. And until you get it, I would clear the data on close.

This is a good point Rene – Hopefully this will get added to the next version of the OS.

What else is it affecting apart from the browser? There’s a chromium policy that should help as a workaround

didn’t test but maybe some per user OS settings?

Not planned yet tbh. We will investigate it as a Feature Request.

Hi @member did you end up opening a ticket for this?

No I didn’t @member – I‘ll give OS12 some time mature before considering it for production anyways. There are some other features missing before it meets my needs.

I can’t give you an ETA but we are working on this feature. We talked about this during the Strategy and Focus Days in Augsburg. PM is aware of it and will put the needed priority on it, asap!

In the meantime, I have tested with this Policy as a workaround and it does work

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