Is there a new location in IGEL OS 10 for /var/log/messages?

is there an replacement or a new location in Version 10 for /var/log/messages ? it is there in V4 and V5 but not in V10.

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my understanding is that ubuntu moved the functionality to /var/log/syslog – but this file does not exist either.

Not exactly a new location but a different way: I use dmesg -f for my purposes

ok. so the file itself or the ubuntu alternative is not used in V10?

because in there ist still the /var/log/messages file named under section “IGEL Linux 10:” “In the log file /var/log/messages, search for cert_agent”

Right, but let‘s see if someone is correcting me🙈

I created a WIKI page for cli commands with an dmesg -w entry:

In V10 you can use journalctl

nice 🙂 . the parameters seems to be the same, at least I can substitute my usage of

“tail -n 20 -f /var/log/messages”


“journalctl -n 20 -f”.

added it to the WIKI

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