Is there a newer WiFi driver for IGEL UD3 Win10 with the Wifi module?

We have a new IGEL UD3 Win10 with the Wifi module.

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But the Wifi module has a driver from 2015. Newer drivers are not available.

Is there a newer version of the WIfi module or a newer driver?

Hi DKG 🙂 Which firmware you’re running on the Win10-IGELs?

The Firmare is 4.04.120

You can try these steps:

1) disable UWF

2) install the driver into the Windows

3) enable UWF

4) take a Snapshot and spread it to the other devices

The question is, is there a newer version of the driver of the Igel Wifi module. Or do I have a older version of the Wifi module.

Aha sorry, didn’t read it carefully and thought you’re using another Wi-Fi adapter.

We normally integrate new drivers on our firmware updates.

Do you know what the latest verion of the Wifi module and driver is? that’s the device. The driver version installed you’ll see in the device manager. Didn’t compare it to the one from this website. But in the actual firmware is s the driver we use currently.

What’s your problem behind?

The driver is more than 4 years old.

We have some problems with the 5Ghz network that sometimes disconnect

Did you check if a newer driver is available for them? If yes, update it and test if the stability is better.

There is no newer driver available…

If you need Wi-Fi then test the which covers the 5 GHz

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