Is there a reason why I can’t choose OSS as an sound driver for my UD3 IGEL OS device?

Hello, is there a reason why I can’t choose OSS as an sound driver for my UD3-LX 51? I can’t choose ALSA either, just PulseAudio. Since forever I have poorly audio on my RDSH (Windows Server 2019). The sound quality is already set to high, but any audio is played as if I have to hear it through a thin concrete wall. I thought a change of the sound driver is a solution but I can’t choose another than PulseAudio. Or is there a better way? Sound-compress setting is “Off” and if I connect to the RDSH with a Windows 10 client via RDP, the sound is great. Firmware is Thanks in advance!

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Hi Alexander. Does the profile have the right template “based on” the firmware?

As it says “invalid value” I would recommend to remove the profile and create a new one with just this config.

No, the “based on” entry of the profile was an older firmware. I changed it to the actual firmware and OSS and ALSA disappeared. Now it’s just PulseAudio and GStreamer. I will test GStreamer. Hopefulle the sound quality raises. Tahnk you for the hint.

Hello @member, it looks like you are editing a local device configuration and not a profile. The lock means that the setting you are looking at is being set by a profile from UMS. If you hover over the padlock it will tell you which profile is configuring that setting, and you can then go into UMS and modify it in the profile.

@member Thank you, but the lock is not the problem. I know the setting hierarchy. What I meant was the “invalid value” in the setting. As I mentioned the reason is, that in the actual firmware OSS isn’t represented anymore, so it is an invalid value, because isn’t part of the firmware anymore.

@member GStreamer is a lot better, but now there is a median hall effect over every sound and it’s a bit choppy.

I apologize, but yes if it is showing as invalid then it means that the device has a profile applied with a value that is not supported in the firmware on the device. Can I ask which firmware you are using?

The current

yea, I am looking at my 11.03 and OSS is not available on that version. GStreamer and PulseAudio are the two options available in 11.03.x It looks like it was removed in 11.03, as it is still available on 11.02.x

Yes, unfortunately both are not satisfactory. It doesn’t matter if the audio comes from a youtube clip or an 320kb/s orchestra mp3-file or 96kb/s audiobook mp3-file. The sound is always not good, no matter if PulseAudio or GStreamer is the active sound driver.

It even doesn’t change a thing when I unplug my headphones from the AUX interface and plugin a soundbar in an USB-port; same experience :man-shrugging:

I found rdp.winconnect.sound-latency in the changelog for version 11.02.168 and I wanted to give it a shot, but it doesn’t appear in my profiles (based on I updated the UMS to 6.04.100 (Build 45217)

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