Is there a way a user can initiate a IGEL OS firmware update?

hello all, is there anyway a user can initiate a firmware update?

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i have users using the ICG and it would be good if i could drop a s/cut on the desktop to kick of a os update. is this possible

or is there a way to script this and target a view?


you could create a view for all icg connected devices with a firmware not up to date and then make a job “update on shutdown / start” an associate it to the view.

Just in case and in addition to Falks point, there is a Tool locally on IGEL OS, with that, you can update the devices locally:


getting the update icon on the igel desktop was easy and the update worked fine for myy admin account shadowing the device. presume users will need elevated rights to perform an update?

tried the same approach to internal devices and got the host resole issue. tried pushing a host entry to the device to rsolve the UMS server but still failed. what other config will be needed for this to work. ftp config ?

sorry but meant to say update worked fine via the ICG but not on local lan

You can set in the profile if the firmware update needs to be started with a password. Select “None” there and everybody with access to the device can use it. Shadowing with an admin account does not assign special rights to the user who is shadowing the device.

About firmware update not working on local lan: How did you assign the firmware to that device? You can assign the device to the firmware in the firmware section of the UMS and der device pulls it from the UMS server. Our you can use separate FTP or webservers and need to assign a profile with the correct settings for that instead of the firmware itself. We use ftp servers internally to get the load from our UMS server when doing a mass update to our devices and a web server for ICG devices.

thanks markus

have another quick Q re updates..

would it be possible to send a message to the device desktop when the device or session starts?

would be very useful to prompt users to self update their devices!

At least via UMS yes: or a Job:

Thank you again

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