Is there a way for a user on the IGEL thin client to change the directory (on the UMS.) that the thin client is in?

Is there a way for a user on the thin client (with no management console access) to change the directory (on the U.M.S.) that the thin client is in? I know that during initial registration, the thin client can be registered manually (using U.M.S. credentials), but I’m wondering whether it is possible to let users choose among certain configurations (directories) without knowing any credentials. Even if it were just a command that could be run in the terminal, I could probably make a front-end for that.

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Can you use Default Directory Rules to achieve what you are wanting to do? We use Default directory rules to put thin clients into directories based on ip address and then subdirectories based on attributes.

Unfortunately not, because there might be two thin clients in the same subnet in the same office (and identical in other respects) that would need different configurations.

Not sure if this is possible or not, but wondering if you could have a shortcut on the desktop to set a custom attribute that the default rules could look at to move it around? I would have to defer to someone else as to whether that is possible. I am not sure if custom attributes are just in UMS or if they exist on the TC itself also. This is definitely an interesting idea.

yes you (as root) can register the device via rmregister command in another directory via cli.

rmregister -h for help

or with IMI license via API e.g. with

@member is 100% right. A script is mandatory. You could use the Dhcp Structure also:

Great! As a last resort, I could use sudo to let the user account run only a specific command to register it in a different directory, and present that option with some kind of frontend (python script, command prompt with options…).

Hm… ‘rmregister -h’ doesn’t show anything; nor does ‘man rmregister’ or ‘rmregister –help’. Does it accept command-line arguments?

i am not on an endpoint now – it could be, that thi is the command to start the GUI-Console

try rm + Tab completition – there should be another “register” command

Yeaaaaaah… well….. no…. sudo is not available in our OS

Yes, that is what it looks like; it requires a DISPLAY variable to work. I can run it with DISPLAY=:0, but it just runs the G.U.I.

rmdb_register –help

USAGE: rmdb_register -s <server> -p <portnumber> -U <username> -P <password> -d <directoryid> -t <structure_tag>

Maybe that’s what I would want.


and if you got a solution – please share it here 🙂

The only problem is that that command still wants credentials. I am guessing/hoping that if I made an account whose only enabled option in access control is ‘Move’ under ‘Thin Clients’, that would let the account do nothing at all except change a thin clients folder?

may I ask, what the usecase is? maybe there is another, more easy solution?

Of course; I appreciate it, since there might be a better way. We have a couple use cases: 1. We basically want to allow for arbitrary users to choose a different Storefront site. 2. We want for (other) arbitrary users to be able to install a program (via custom partition).

For (1), we would prefer not to make that Storefront site available on all thin clients, since it’s a very limited and special use case.

i assume both the limited-usecase user and the normal-usecase-user use the same devices, so you cant pin it on the device?

Right, unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to differentiate between thin clients that should have these features and ones that shouldn’t.

They could be in the same location, same user department, same network segment, same hardware type…

is this what decribes your case?

this would be an optionally licensed feature

From a quick reading, it sounds like it very well might. I’ll read about that more. Thank you!

great 🙂

Hi Jeremy, maybe Shared Workplace is an option you could use. Take a look at

to late @member already told him 😉( 6 posts above in this thread)

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it looks like the Shared Workplace feature requires A.D. integration, which we don’t use with the thin clients. I’m still reading about it, but I also tested using rmdb_register from a thin client using a account with no permissions except the ability to move thin clients, and it worked. I’ve been wanting to test/extend my programming skills, so I wouldn’t mind ending up writing a G.T.K. frontend for that for our users, so that they can choose from a limited number of predefined options.

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