Is there a way to automatically register IGEL devices in the UMS?

Good morning everyone, is there a way to automatically register IGEL devices in the UMS?

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So I imagined that I have created the Default Directory Rules and these are considered as a guide.

For this purpose, the entire network is searched for IGEL devices without a certificate in a certain period of time, as soon as one has been found, the device is automatically registered in the UMS and moved by the default directory rules in the correct directory.

Does it already work like this or would it be possible to implement such a function like this?

I think it’s a handy feature and saves a lot of work for many administrators.

I know so far only the function that you can import devices via before connecting the MAC address.

Actually also a useful function, but with large masses of devices, where the MAC address was not previously known, this function does not help any further.

Thanks in advance.

Hi. A so called zero-touch deployment is already integrated using the Default Directory Rules (most time based on Last known IP address).

What you also need is the DHCP option 224 and enable automatic registration so that the IGEL endpoints know where to find the UMS:

With that you the Mac address of the devices doesn’t need to be known beforehand.

Many thanks for your help. That helped a lot.

You’re welcome!

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