Is there a way to give control to rotate the display to a user on IGEL OS?


Is there a way to give control to rotate the display to a user?

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We use the Igel to connect to a Windows Terminal Server…

Hi Sebastian. configure the display switch in Accesories and activate the first 3 checkboxes under options.

Then user can configure the screens by themself.

I recommend also to configure a screen-profile with the max. number of displays in User Interface / Display and set it to autodetect.


Found the options…

But I’m facing a bug when adding a second display:

I add the display, it gets active, then the message “Would you like to keep the current display configuration?” I click “Yes”, it is set and after ~3 seconds it reverts the settings. I just can’t save it.

Which firmware are you using @member? on a UD2-LX 50

Thanks! Can you provide a few screenshots of your Display Switch Profile?

Yes sure. Hope these two help:

Can you please activate the Smart Display configuration on your first Screenshot and retry?

Doesn’t work either.

Strange… Can you reset the device to faactory defaults and retry maybe? How are Displays connected to UD2?

Good hint with the connection… One was connected via HDMI (with an adapter to DP) and one with DisplayPort directly. Now both are connected via DisplayPort and it works as expected 🙈

When using adapters we only recommend active one, others may lead to different results 🙂

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