Is there a way to restart the JVDI client other than restarting the IGEL OS thin client?

Is there a way to restart the JVDI client other than restarting the thin client?

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Should be /etc/igel/cisco/cisco-jvdi-stop and cisco-jvdi-start

Thanks! I will try that out and will let you know.

I found that running the following through secure terminal will correctly re-establish connectivity between Jabber and JVDI client without having to reboot the IGEL device — /usr/bin/vxc-init

It would be cool to have this available for a user to run on demand using hotkey combo

What happens if you switch to user:

su user

Can you start the command from tehre?

I’ll give that a shot here in a few. I originally logged on as user, and then entered su (or sudo?), and then had to enter the root password before I could run the command

Sebastien, when I enter su user /usr/bin/vxc-init, it prompts for password

even if you use

su user -c „/usr/bin/vxc-init“

Assuming that I typed it correctly, I’m still getting prompted for a password

Here is a profile that should work. CTRL ALT V would start the inti-script or start it from Desktop.

Many thanks! I will apply and test here in just a few

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to work as expected. I tried with the hotkeys, and I launched from the desktop with no luck. Not sure if it matters, but I didn’t receive any sort of notice or indication that something was running or trying to run

That‘s true, it just starts that process you sent before. There is no interaction.

hmmm, ok. well, do you happen to know a way I could confirm the status of the VXC service on the IGEL side?

I would expect

systemctl status vxc

systemctl restart vxc

would initiate a Service restart.

And, the way I’ve been testing is to secure terminal into a thin client with working JVDI and issuing the command /usr/bin/vxc-stop

Perfect, systemctl status vxc indicates that the service is stopped — Active: inactive (dead)

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