Is there a way to run an app like Word directly on an IGEL OS device?

Hallo everybody. I am busy with UMS and Igel Thin Clients. What kind of solluttion is possible to start an application like Word directly on a Thin Client of Igel. which does not show any login at any given point time. Best regards.

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a) use an IGEL windows device and install Offfice on it

b) use a published application from e.g. Citrix

c) Office 365

Hi! Citrix Xenapp, RDS Webapps or Vmware Horizon wpuld be my first choices. If your plan is to start it really locally without a VDI / SVP solution, a Custom Partition like Libreoffice for Linux may help

Are we speaking about Linux or Windows clients?

We are speaking of Liux Clients of IGel.

What must I do to get it going with VMware Horizon?

For example : What must I do to get notepade.exe started?

Dumb question maybe but do you have Vmware Horizon already in use in your company and if yes, are you evaluating Igel right now?

VM Horizon is already in use. We are evaluation Igel at this moment.

(and your question is not dumb)

Thanks😄 Ok, I assume that you already followed the Step by Step Guide for Igel UMS / OS (

If already done, you would need a Vmware Session ( and specify a Server / User / application on:

Thank you. I will get started.

@member keep the questions coming! This is what the Community is all about. We are here to help! I think you will LOVE the IGEL solution.

On that note, the Getting Started Guide @member mentioned should walk you right through it. It even has the Horizon piece in it so you are golden! Just let us know if you have any questions!

…and thanks for being a part of the IGEL Community.

I do have another question.. But I will start a new thread for that question. Thank you all for your reply.

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