Is there a way to see which date a specific IGEL endpoint model has been released?

Is there a way to see, on which date a IGEL a specific endpoint model has been released? (This is a follow up on my question, how to know when IGEL hardware is EOL. It looks like Release Date + ~5y.)

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Just before getting too deep, this list isn‘t covering your needs, I guess?

This list shows hardware where the EOL date lies in the past (< Nov 2019). I’d like to know/calculate the EOL date of hardware that still on sale or will be on sale.

Ok, got it. Well, it‘s more a kind of probability calculation then, we have an internal list where the release Dates are listed, will ask if we are allowed to forward it😀

Thanks! I’m totally fine if it is an estimate. We won’t hang anyone if it’s not accurate by a month. It’s just important to us to plan ahead.

Could you convince anyone to release the list? 🙂

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