Is there a way to tell what version of Imprivata is on the client?

Is there a way to tell what version of Imprivata is on the client?? In our environment we use Imprivata to log into a Citrix VDI.. Once logged into the system Windows 10 gets loaded.. Before logging in, is there a way to tell what version is on the client in the UMS or doing a secure terminal without having to go into the Imprivata console? Just wondering for my benefit is all..

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The Release Notes for the IGEL OS version you are on has the Imprivata version in it.

how are the release notes going to have that? it wouldnt have the version that we are running..

What OS are you running?

mix of 10.05.800 and 11.01.130

Any idea on this one @member? I’m guessing you’ll find it in the logs (/usr/lib/imprivata/runtime/log) but that’s pretty deep just to find versioning info

PIE agent versioning is separate from the bootstrap loader included with the OS

Hey @member, there is a way. Give me a minute to fire up an Imprivata device and I will get you a screenshot 🙂

OK, give me a “few minutes” apparently I completely shutdown that environment

Is that what you are looking for @member?

If you’re logged in you can check it via the systray icon too right @member?

The systray icon in the VM shows you the version installed on the VM, not the endpoint

guess it would make sense to read the whole question…doh!

All good 🙂

@member Yes!!! thank you sir!

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