Is there an Adobe Reader custom partition? apparently we have editable PDFs that only open with adobe reader

Is there an adobe reader custom partition? apparently we have editable pdfs that only open with adobe reader

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Yes, but I wouldn‘t recommend to use it on a productive base, widely without deep testing.

The last version is old or in my opinion really really old. Do you know an another reader which will fit for you forms like evince or similar?

I am not sure, the file has some dynamic forms that populate as you fill out certain fields. I tested the built in document viewer in igel-os as well as firefox and edge on a windows pc and none could open it. At this time, only a small fraction of the devices would need this alternate pdf viewer. But I am willing to test whatever is available. Thanks!

Sounds like something that is Adobe proprietary. Do you have the possibility to try a Ubuntu x64 standard distro? If yes, try the Adobe and PDFFiller ones, We can try to create a Custom Partition for both

Tried a few open source readers on a standard ubuntu install and none worked, looks like it has to use adobe 😕

On a related note, do you know how to disable “local link protection” in the native firefox browser? I have a share mapped on the file system and am trying to open paths from a browser link. Clicking the link does nothing, but pasting it in works as expected

The PDFs we are having problems with were created with Adobe LiveCycle are are XFA PDFs. So adobe reader is the requirement unfortunately

I‘m not sure that there is a Adobe x64 version which would be required for Igel OS 10. If yes, then, please go to our Igel Support and ask for the adobe reader custom partition. That would be the usual process.

Regarding your local link topic, I cannot check it right now but did you managed to get it working on Windows? If yes, is there a specific about:config which would help?

Which old version of adobe reader do you already have for IGEL OS? It looks like the latest linux version was 9.5.5 and I tested that on a 16.04 ubuntu install and it worked just like I needed.

On x64 Ubuntu 16.04 or x86?


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