Is there any posibility to set a noice reduction for an analog headset in IGEL OS?


is there any posibility to set a noice reduction for an analog headset in Igel OS?

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We currently have some workers with an logitech h150 headset on an Igel UD3 with latest Igel OS, but when we have a call with them the sound is realy bad.

On a windows fat Client we dont have a Problem with this type of headset.

Hi Maximilian, which kind of UC solution re you using? How are you using the Audio devices, va Optimization or USB redirection?

Hi, we are using cisco jabber over vmware Horizon with enabled RATV component.

USB-headsets with this setup (jabra pro 930) sounds realy good. Only Devices which are connected to the internal Soundcard of the device via jack connection have a bad sound.

Is the sound doing bad too when starting the local Browser pointing to youtube?

the output is correct. Only the input of the microphone sounds bad.

but thaks for the idea with the local browser, i will try to open a internal big blue button-session via firefox in the local browser to check if it is a problem with the horizon desktop or a local problem. just give me a few minutes tu check this..

so, we’ve tested in our BigBlueButton instance directly over the firefox browser in igel os. Problem was the same, when we use the ud3 internal jack connection.

now, i looked in our stock. there i found an IcyBox USB to jack Adapter (IB-AC527). The sound of the microphone from the same Headset was much better then the sound of the internal connection – So, i think the sound hardware module of the ud3 thin clients seems to be the cause of this issue. 😞

I have noticed that same thing on any device converted to IGEL. Analog headsets, or even the built in mics, just don’t do well. Using any USB headset sounds really good (have tested with multiple usb A and usb C headsets).

Really interesting @member and @member !

I know it might cause some extra effort but could (if you have „spare“ time somewhere) check if your devices (endpoint and analog headsets) work better when booting your endpoints up with a Ubuntu 18.04 64bits live stick?

Could you forward a picture of the Jack 3,5mm connectors of your headsets too?

I will see what I can do. I do not have many analog headsets left. We distributed them when quarantine started and most have been replaced at this point with USB headsets. I think my kids might have some stowed away somewhere.

@member here is your picture. I tried it on an M340C with latest Igel OS.

If I have the time today I will try with the Ubuntu 18.04 and with Igel OS on an former FatClient, where the Headset works good under Windows 10. I will give you an Update as soon as possible

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