Is there any way to integrate IGEL devices with SAP R/3?

Hi to all,

Is there any way to integrate IGEL devices with SAP R/3?

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More details:

This customer uses Citrix with Windows VDIs with SAP GUI to connect to SAP R/3.

His Citrix Cloud had a problem and he cannot acces during hours.

Then, he ask for if exist any way to connect directly to his R3 server on a Datacenter. With a client like SAP GUI.


From what I know of SAP, that can mean a lot of things. How do they connect to SAP, browser or local app? If it is a local app, is there a Linux version?

Customer is using SAP GUI for Windows to connect directly to his SAP environment: Production, development and Quality. Installed on Windows server.

On IGEL, he has Windows 2019 desktops with Citrix. There, SAP GUI is installed.

Is possible to access directly from IGEL desktop to SAP. Production environment will be enough.

I found a SAP GUI installer for Linux Ubuntu. I suppose that could be installed on IGEL with Custom Partition.

Anyone has tested it?

Many thanks

Same thing we are looking for. Does anyone have any updates to this topic?

I am not sure, does SAP even make a GUI client for Linux?

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