Is there way to reverse the scroll wheel direction on IGEL OS

Is there way to reverse the scroll wheel direction? I see the setting for reversing on the touchpad. I mean reversing the wheel that is part of the mouse.

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Here is a note showing steps:

That’s it thanks!

What is the method to run that command line at boot so the setting sticks?

Create a Profile called — Mouse Wheel change

Put in as Final Desktop Command

Final desktop command

• Runs after each user logon and desktop restart

• User logged on (Kerberos, smartcard etc.)

• User desktop launched

Ok that works. does the custom command box run like a bash script or is it just a line by line run?

the command works but i did see the id change once

after a reboot

may need to put logic so that it queries id based on device name

Yes… you should base on name vs. number..

Some notes here

One option would be udev rules.

In this way, the rule would also be applied when the mouse is plugged in well after a reboot. The IGEL OS utilizes udev already, so it’s matter of creating the new “rule” file, and triggering the udevadm to reevaluate the new rule file that you created.

Admittedly it takes some looking into, and I don’t think you’ll find anything in the official support docs/kb.

Here’s a link to a sample udev rule:

With some minor tweaking, it should usable for your purpose as well:

Also, does this option not work well for you? (It does reverse both the trackpad and usb mouse scrollwheel at once).

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