Is USB-C supported for an extra display on IGEL OS?

Guys, is USB-C supported for an extra display? Customer of mine I converted from HP to Igel OS 11 and some offices have three displays. I thought i could remember I need an other license for the tripple display setting but can’t find anything over USB-C display support (but maybe I missed it)

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It’s not something officially supported @member

Oke, no problem. I will try of course 😇. Did I need the EMP for three displays or is the WE enough?

If you are on OS 11 you should be good with licensing. Nothing in the EMP about multiple monitors

I was looking for it but could not find it either, still something in the back of my head told me there was an extra thing to do. But fine with me this way 👏:skin-tone-2:

You used to back in the 5.x days, and MMC may have been required in 10.x for certain things, but MMC is in OS 11 WE license now

We have a customer with an HP laptop (OS 11 converted) with 1 HDMI monitor, 1 DisplayPort monitor and 1 USB-C working fine with expanded desktop.

The only problem is that you cannot use USB-C monitor on a All-in-one USB device for all monitors. I suppose that is due to power issues.

Thanks, by default my customer uses HP TC610 thin clients and HP 8200 elite desktops coverted to Igel OS 11 so I think it has to work. 👍

USB-C has different modes, so it also depends on that.

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