Issues again with Active Directory Goups, you can not login in the UMS console 6.04.120?

Hi, we are having issues again with Active Directory Goups, you can not login in the UMS console 6.04.120. This is the same what it was happenning in other UMS version, any fix?

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I am not sure, I have AD setup on the same version with no issues.

Does anything like a load-balancer sit between AD and UMS?

We are also on the same version and do not have issues login in. I assume they are using UPN for their usernames?

Are there any DCs listed in the AD/LDAP config that don’t exist?

I think I found a bug, if you have a long password with blanks between them, it does not work

All the others accounts are working fine

Blanks? you mean spaces?

yes, spaces

are you meaning for this connection to AD (as I have in the picture above) or the user that is trying to login to the console?

If the user, I have a password that is over 25 characters with spaces in it that works just fine.

I didn’t even realize spaces were valid characters in passwords. I guess I have never tried it though.

yes, they make it nice being able to do a sentence for a password

Yes many use spaces now with passphrases

We are still on UMS 6.01 and haven’t upgraded yet. I believe all the DC’s in our environment are 2012 R2 so maybe/hopefully we won’t run into this issue.

@member I thought I was on the same UMS version as you, but it looks like I am on an older version (6.04.110). So maybe it is a bug that was introduced in 6.04.120.

I found the problem, a mixture of Windows 2016 DC + windows 2008 DC. You have to remove the windows 2008 DC then you can login. Is not about spaces in the password, I was wrong on that.

I wonder if 2008 didn’t support passwords in the LDAP configuration

I can’t answer that. We haven’t had 2008 DCs for about 6 years and those were R2.

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