Issues connecting to UMS after successfully registering in ICG

Having issues connecting to UMS after successfully registering in ICG. This happened to two laptops after pushing out profiles.

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Hi Luis

Can you provide the version of ICG and the endpoints you’re using?

@member in addition to @member requested infos, the UMS Version would be interesting also!

How do I find that information? I’m currently helping a customer out while I’m away.

Both in your UMS Console. Help=>Info for UMS

ICG: Ums Administration=>Igel Cloud Gateway

Endpoint: select it, search for Product and version

UMS Console 5.09.110 Build 38063

ICG 1.04.110


The two laptops that we’re registered apparently went away

I know that it sounds a little bit… leazy… but can you try to update UMS to 5.09.120 and Endpoint to 10.05.500? A few issues were fixed in this versions. In addition, did you checked that you have enough licenses?

I’ve been also having similar problems. It seems like 10.05.500 does a better job of trying to connect to the I.C.G. when the connection fails. It might also be more reliable… we are following Sebastien’s recommendation and seeing how it improves.

Kind of odd, but the laptops came back to UMS. Not sure what happened. Is there a refresh period I’m not aware of?

We have the same issue. It fails on TLS 1.2. Has anyone found a solution?

@member which kind of Firmware / UMS / ICG versions are you running on?

DOC: like described here:

UMS Agent Failed to connect to IGEL Cloud Gareway

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