Issues Migrating IGEL OS from current UMS to a new UMS

Hi all just a quick reminder as this came up with a customer today:

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If the UMS and the device are not linked correctly then the device will not accept commands from the UMS because all the communication is secured via SSL certificate. So if you migrate a device from one UMS to another you need to make sure that it is scanned in correctly (Scan for devices button), and you should also make sure that it’s no longer able to communicate with the old UMS because it might get paired again with the old one if it’s on the same network. This is why IGEL does not recommend or support the use of two UMS Servers on the same network.

In general if there are communication problems between the UMS and the device, it’s usually one of the following:

• device was previously linked to a different UMS database

• firewall on UMS is not configured correctly

• time on the endpoint is incorrect which causes problems with SSL

• version incompatibility between UMS and device

• diverse network issues e.g. proxy layer between device and UMS

Hope everyone has a nice week. Feel free to add to the above if you think I missed something.

Hi, simply great!! Thank you!

I would add a few ideas:

• Antivirus misconfiguration

• Network Analysis SSL Split fits in Proxy layer

• Company self created Certificates

• Duplicated devices without resetting unit id

• On Sessions: missing WE licenses

• ICG Server in use and missing EMP

Can I add, device previously deleted but still present in the recycle bin …? 🙂

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