Issues to configure multi displays on IGEL OS 11.


I browsed through the doc and these forums but didn’t find the answer to my problem.

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We have configured a profile with:

• User Interface /Display /Number of screens : 2

• Accessories /Display Switch / Options /Preserve Setings over reboot

But sometimes (not always, not all users), users complain that one of their screens turns black.

We discovered that the IGEL Display Switch, this screen is “Disabled”.

Why would this screen set to disabled without any reason ?

Thanks in advance, cheers, JCM

1.8-.248.1 /UD3-LX 0

Hello Jean-Charles,

which firmware is in use?

Sorry I didn’t mention that. It’s on a UD3-LX 60.

Any chance to test 11.08.330 and a factory reset in between?

Thanks, we’ll test that in a minute and I’ll feedback here asap. Cheers

Sorry but do we actually need the factory reset ? It would be impossible to do for a lot of devices…

It would be better at least for testing. It will flush corrupted Screen configs… If it works, we could think of a flush command.

Ok thanks, makes sense !

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