Issues with display settings not sticking on the IGEL OS?

Has anybody had issues with display settings not sticking on the Igel OS? we have the profile set for 1366×768 and it is defaulting to 1920×1080, if you hit accept config change it will adjust but when you reboot the device again it will revert to 1920×1080 and you need to hit the apply config change again

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Are you on 11.03.5xx?


Yea, known issue. There is a private build with a fix, let me find the download link


esolved Issues


### X11 system

Fix Display Switch not saving settings over reboot.

Default to settings from Setup instead of mirror when no Display Switch

profile is available.

@member here is the ticket i created in case you need it ITRS#2020062310001639

@member are you saying it is resolved with that firmware?

We are testing it right now

@member it is looking like that fixed the issue we were having

Glad it worked, are you OK with me closing that case?

We fixed that by applying the checkbox for preserve settings on reboot in the registry at

sessions.user_display%.options.preserve_settings instead of where the profile setting checks it at sessions.user_display0.options.preserve_settings.

the fix i mentioned was for an older os11 firmware though

I don’t recommend doing it that way @member . There “%” session is the session template, and should not be modified in a production environment. The better solution would be to upgrade to the release with the fix.

Fair enough @member. Just posting something that worked for us 🙂

Yep, no worries. Just making wanted to make sure there was an understanding of what that setting does. Always enjoy the suggestions in the community 😉

@member if you all are still using that profile, you should probably look above and start updating some firmware 😂😂

All – apart from this FW update and fix, one thing I’ve learned when using the Smart Display Configuration (especially with laptops and docking stations), is that if you get into a weird state, use the “Reset” option on the Display Switch to clear out any saved settings. Then reconfigure your display settings / save a profile. Also, here’s is what your profile should look like (optional is the “configure new displays when connected” setting which simply auto starts the Display Switch when a new monitor is detected. There is also a good “how to” KB article for reference on using the Smart Display Configuration and if using a laptop, how to handle a lid opened, closed scenario and what to do given a power state (AC or Battery) –

@member see above

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