Issues with IGEL RX420, Citrix Workspace App is crashin and Teams HDX support is missing?

Dear Igel community, we can already lie our hands onto an early access Igel Rx420. It came running Igel OS v11.01.100. I am having the following issues so far:

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Citrix workspace app crashes / disconnects randomly, for example right after logging into a session or starting a video

Teams HDX support seems to be unavailable, even though it works on other Igel devices in our environment

Is anybody else experiencing the same issues? Thank you!

Dear Adrian, Teams Optimization is unfortunately not supported on ARM atm. Citrix and Microsoft are working closely together on it. In the meantime, HDX Webcam Redirection is the only alternative I would evaluate.

Is the crash reproducible? I mean, also: which type of license is shown on the license section of the device in UMS?

It is reproducable, the device is licensed. I had the video running and each time I reconnected, I was disconnected after 2 seconds. The disconnect after login is every time. Sad to hear about HDX. I do understand this is an early access version, but honestly, this new OS will be released in 10 days and there seems a lot of work left to do.

What other features are you missing when you feel that there is space for improvement?

On Citrix issue: can you provide a few informations how you are playing the video (Browser type, 32 / 64 bit, and which video) and are you using BCR? Can you provide a screenshot of your HDX Multimedia setting?

Well, Teams HDX and stable Citrix sessions are definitely required, so I won’t do any more testing until an os update. Another thing are the micro-HDMI ports. This means, we would have to order a lot of new display cables, as most displays are being delivered together with normal displayport or HDMI cables.

Citrix issue: Windows Media player, Mp4 file I mady with my phone. Windows Media Redirection is turned OFF in Citrix Policies, so offloading should not be the issue. BCR is activated though. Not sure which HDX setting you, everything I can find with HDX is enabled in UMS and in Citrix policies.

Well on HDMI ports this is a limitation of the Raspberry Pi itself, we are limited to the Pi foundations choices, sane on Teams Optimization for ARM where we look for Citrix / Microsoft but thank you for that feedback.

On HDX: will play a testfile on my lab and let you know.

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