Issues with playback of MP4 files in a Citrix Session on IGEL OS?

Hey guys, since 10.05.100 and up we are having issues with playback of MP4 files in a Citrix Session [ITRS#2019050910000528]. Going back and forth with Technical support for some days now. i thought lets see if you guys also have these problems.

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We have latest MMCP and UD3 devices running on 10.5.500 and 10.5.800 they can only play any MP4 file after i disable HDX Multimedia Redirection ( s. since the introduction of Browser Content Redirection it seems. because in 10.03.570 no problems. I can also play the same MP4 file locally on the Desktop of the Igel with the linux media player.

Hey Erwin: how do you play the video inside the session? WMP?

Can you provide one of the videos to have it checked in my lab?

@member Media Player version 12

Hi Erwin, since 10.05.100 we have the same issues. With Multimedia Redirection enabled, Windows Media Player only shows an black screen. After a few days of testing the technical support closes the ticket, because they could not reproduce this issue in there environment [ITRS#2019050310000093. As a temporary solution i changed the gstreamer version from automatic to 0.10. With 0.10 multimedia redirection works again.

@member thanks for sharing that!! @member Registry=>multimedia.gstreamer.version

I would be happy to try (at least) to reproduce it…

ill give it a try. thnx.

@member that triggers to following message

as soon as i open the citrix (storefront browser) session

Same here… I can reproduce the error(s). Let me check

Oook, so: I‘m getting the gstreamer error when using the workspace app 1810, with OS11 and 1808.2 VDA.

Could you try to use the 811 PB with WA 1903? I have to leave for a call….

we are starting our citrix session also over storefront browser, but we dont get the message The difference is that our testing client is now on FW

ok ill test with another version of WA 1903 if it is availible in 10.05.800

Sent the link as PM

Our VDAs are on 7.15 CU3

i have VDAs on 7.15CU3 , 1811 , 1903 etc all behave the same.

At this moment for us the combination of IGEL, Workspace 18.10, VDA 7.15CU3 and GStreamer Version 0.10 works

Because of the entry * Citrix has known issues with gstreamer1.0 which describe problems with

multimedia redirection of H264, MPEG1 and MPEG2. Gstreamer1.0 is used if

browser content redirection is active* In the Known Issues Section of 10.05.500 – 10.05.800 readme, i change to Gstreamer 0.10

@member ill also disable browserver content redirection because i dont have a usecase for it ( now )

Browser Content redirection is disabled for us to

So the warning is gone as soon as i disable the browser content redirection. and all works as expected now with gstreamer 0.1 with 10.05.811 on Workspace App 1903

so i end up at the same spot as where i was last year in august.. either Multimedia Redirection or Browser content redirection. not able to use Both. i did not know it was because of gsteamer 1.0 vs 0.1

gstreamer 1.0 did not work for us, only 0.1. Because Multimedia Redirection is an very important feature in our environment, Browser Content Redirection remains disabled for us

@member thanks for your info. very helpful if i ever can do something in return then just let me know.

@member no problem, glad that i could help you

this also works on 10.05.500 with Workspace App 18.10

Fix is included in PB 10.05.812 and public release 11.01.110.

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