Issues with printer mapping/redirection to an RDP session on IGEL OS

Having issues with printer mapping/redirection to an RDP session. We have always just used network printers and a print server previously, and this is the first time I have ever had to try redirecting a USB printer through IGEL. The basics:

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• RDP session to Windows Server 2016

• Followed this KB Article for basic setup –

• Printer is Brother HL-2200 series, connected via USB to the Igel thin client.

• Test print from thin client is successful

Initially seemed alright. driver installed on Server 2016, added printer to IGEL thin client, tested locall successfully, connected to RDS session, printer showed up.. twice? Neither of which worked.. Looking at the setup on them, they were both added to a virtual USB port. Test print would error out… Manually changed the port to the TS0xx port that was listed with the thin client’s name by it.. test print succeed. Great… Log out of my admin account, Call the user over

User logs in… and two MORE printers are added, both on virtual USB ports. The previous printer I manually moved to a TS0xx port was also listed, but test prints fail… Looking at properties, that TS port is listed as “Inactive TS port”, and it is (of course) a different TS port with the Igel thin client listed by it. Manually changing the port makes it work, but regular users won’t have rights to do that, and shouldn’t have to manually assign a port every time they log in. It would also not take long before there were 100 copies of the printer created on new virtual USB ports…

If I disable native USB redirection, then the printer is never detected. On the plus side, this means no additional copies of the printer are created, at least!

What on earth am I missing? Printer redirection shouldn’t be this wonky. Anyone have any clue how I managed to mess this up? 😋

I would try to disable the USB Redirection, and use the Mapping function only. USB Redirection isn‘t designed to get printing jobs properly processed IMHO. So, I would:

1) Disable the RDP Native USB Redirection first, on Igel OS

2) Follow this Citrix Tutorial (I know, you are using RDP) to have a PS Driver installed:

3) Check the Eventviewer on Server side

Sorry for the delay responding, was just now able to work with the user and try this out… Short version is yes! This was the missing piece.

A little more detail for future searchers:

• Disable USB redirection (Or I assume blocking printers under the redirection policy would achieve the same thing, if there were other USB devices you do need redirected?)

• On the Remote Desktop server, install the HP Color Laserjet driver as described in the article @member linked and ALSO install the specific model printer driver for the printer being redirected.

• IGEL Setup is exactly as described in KB article, being sure you enter the driver name for the specific printer model being redirected, NOT the HP driver you installed

Thanks for the advice!

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