Issues with PUT method of IGEL IMI receive “403 Forbidden” error status

Hi, I am learning about the IGEL UMS IMI and having some issues with the PUT method. when I try to update some of the TC default attributes like CostCenter I’m getting 403 Forbidden error Status, Access Denied message. I am using Postman to run the UMS IMI methods. Thanks

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While this does not answer your question, here is a sample script using curl for access…

Not saying that this will solve your issue but could you add your UMS Creds into the Authentification Tab of your REST Tool? Had this in my Insomnia Rest tool a few times.

My guess is a missing auth as well

This is what i have in my Headers tab and Auth tab. Get methods and Post methods using the same headers and auth, dont give me problems.

Ok, sounds good. May I ask you which UMS user you used for authentfication?

Could you try another local Admin user?

Have to leave for a dinner right now, hope someone can help you out in the meantime. If not will have an eye on it later on!

If GET works (other than the status alone, which works wo auth) then it looks like a permission problem for the user.

Thanks for your feedback. This info helped figure it out. The Service account I was using was read only. Allowing it to write fixed the issue.

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