Issues with usb headset and IGEL OS? Users cannot hear or be heard

Hi there, is there anyone experiencing issues with usb headset and IGEL OS? Users often complain, that they cannot hear anyone or they are not heard in online meetings using usb headsets connected to an IGEL UD3 for example. Our workaround is: Going down to users audio settings directly on the IGEL and make some changes to the output/input devices, e.g change it from “analog mono” to “digital stereo”. This setting cannot be managed via UMS, asfar as we know. Is there a way, to “force” the igel to use “digital stereo input/output” or similar if an usb headset is connected?

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Hi, not in general honestly. Which Headset type and IGEL OS version are you using?

Hi Sebastien, thanks for replying. We use IGEL UD3s with IGEL OS 10.x and 11.x. The headsets are no-name headsets, those ones we could buy during this pandemic: CALLEZ USB Headset. The behavior is the same with 10.x or 11.x IGELs.

Did you had the chance to try the latest 11.04.270 Fimrware? We addressed a lot of Audio issues there …

Are you using a specific Unified Communication? and sorry, I totally forgot to ask which kind of VDI / Terminalserver / Unified Communication solution you are using…

Hi Sebastien,

We use a Microsoft RDHS Environment, but the problem seems to be on a lower level, before RDP. The Headset comes with two Audio profiles, one “analog audio” and one “digitial stereo”. This profiles are listed as separeted devices in the IGEL audio settings. The “analog audio” is prefered by the igel, but the RDP session gets no sound with it. We need to switch to the other device then it works fine. As of writing, I guess it should be possible to define the name of the device in the profile…. hmmm…let us see

You could use the Audio priorization: Default Sound Input:

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