Issues with video on RDP and IGEL OS 10.05.850

Hi Guys, i have still issues with Video with RDP at my customers site, we use OS 10.05.850, i used the same machine at my house without any problem? My network is 500/500

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Hi Sydney – what kind of issues?

This the issue

Video is running smooth and when scrolling big bars

This is at my home! Running fine

But you’re not scrolling at home, right?

Ok, so the device has MMCP and redirection is configured I assume?

Correct! Not scrolling but playing youtube is fine! Also scrolling was fine

MMCP yes! And redirection? What kind of

Multimedia from the RDS server to the client.

No i don’t think that is configured

This is the only customer that says that he/she at problems with playback of multimedia on the remote session

Check the CPU locally and on the RDS server when the video is played – where it’s rising. If only on the server, the load is there so might be the reason for that.

Will do that!

May I had a couple of settings that could help to get the issue sorted out?

They are pretty well described here:

Keep my fingers crossed!

what is the version of the RDS server?

RDS is 2019

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