It is possible to use more than 4 Screens with an IGEL UD7?

It is possible to use more than 4 Screens with an Igel UD7?

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Hi Eike, no unfortunately not… Is there a specific use case maybe?

We would like to operate more than 4 monitors at one workstation. In the past there was the possibility to run more than X monitors with UD5 and two UD3.

Yes, that was UMD… right!

Is there a plan to support more than 4 screens in the future? Maybe with one or more thinClients?

@member something to share maybe?

Hi it is possible to use more then 4 monitors but probably not really stable or with good performance. You can use a USB DisplayLink adapter to connect additional monitors but this is not guranteed to work.

@member thanks! is it something Igel would support or is it a best effort based?

It’s best effort due to the many different DisplayLink devices out there. We have only 2 for testing and with them it works. The others should work too but the DisplayLink Linux drivers are not really the best and binary only (so nothing we could do here). But the support is present in the Firmware and it normally should work out of the box.

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