I’ve a problem with webcam redirection in Citrix VDI


I’ve a problem with webcam redirection. I’m using VDI with citrix. On Google Chrome 64bit i’ve the webcam called “Citrix HDX Web Camera” and behind this name there is the default webcam setted in /dev/video0. The problem is that i’ve 2 webcam, so i’m unable to switch webcam because on windows side i see only 1 webcam… can anyone help me?

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Hello Niccolo!

srr sebastien, i pressed enter for going underline but the message was sent 😛 i edited the message… can you help me? 🙂 Good Morning btw

Sure, this registry key should help 🙂

Yes, this is on igel side… how can i show both webcam on vdi side, with google chrome?

i see them correctly in teams and zoom who were using optimization pack, not in google chrome

i already made a script as a workaround but it’s just a workaround so i’d prefer to fix this thing definitely

On HDX Webcam, it can only grab one webcam at a time, this is a known limitation of the virtual channel.

Zoom/Teams have their own virtual channel / optimization which can take several devices at a time.

ah okok, so i’ll keep my script… thank you as always! 🙂

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