Jabra USB headsets connected to an IGEL OS UD3-LX

Hello, we’re currently trying to passthrough our Jabra USB headsets connected to an IGEL UD3-LX 60 to a Windows Terminal server via RDP.

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We enabled the USB redirection under RDP >> RDP global >> Native USB Redirection and also added a rule for audio devices to allow them but the hardware doesn’t get recognized on the Windows server.

Are there any other settings we’re missing?

(The passthrough from a Windows client via RDP to the Windows terminal server is working. Looks like IGEL is the problem in this case.)

Hello Sebastian, is there a specific use case why you are trying to redirect the device through USB redirection? Generally spoken: redirecting Audio devices through USB Redirection isn’t really helpful, IMHO.

The devices are working locally, and you can change the Output/Input Devices locally in the sound mixer.

No there isn’t a special use case. Just thought this is the way to go…

So how can I present my local headset to the terminal server?

Just use the standard Audio channel:

and choose them in Local Sound Mixer:

Thanks for that!

We’re directly log a user into the terminal server. (Don’t know how this is called in the settings)

The user has in this case no access to the igel sound preferences. He just sees a login-screen which directly logs them into the server.

Is it possible to predefine these settings?

You are welcome!

Yes: kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/options-32871286.html#SoundPreferencesOptions-DefaultSoundOutput

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