Keyboard is locked when the IGEL OS endpoint resumes from suspend mode

Afternoon, has anyone experienced keyboard locked when a endpoint resume from suspend mode?? Even tho I have set the power setting to not suspend they still do, upon wake up the keyboard is locked up and has to be unplugged and replugged back in .. Many Thanks

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Afternoon Darren, which firmware / device are you using?

We’re looking into a similar issue on 11.04.100

suspend is disable and they indeed do go into suspend mode. Coming out of suspend mode appliance mode is broken. Reboot solves the issue.

most of the business are on 11.04.100, I have upgraded my machine to 11.04.103 yet the issue is still there

Are you both using the Citrix / Browser Appliance mode?

Imprivata appliance mode in my case

no I am using Horizon but not appliance mode

we have a profile for the endpoint, one for the horizon connection and authenticated with AD

I have begun to experience a similar issue with a Dell Latitude E6530, and two Dell Latitude E5540 Laptops converted to IGEL 11.01.130. When the screen blanks out after 10 minutes, the use will come back and wake up the laptop they are unable to type into the the Horizon session. Since we use Imprivata 6.0 Appliance mode the user has to badge out, and back in again to get keyboard working.

Hello @member, for your issue Imprivata 6.0 does not support 11.04.130. In order to support that, you will need to upgrade to a minimum of OneSign 6.3 SP1 and the related PIE / VDI Desktop agents.

@member, which version of Imprivata are you currently running? Could it be a similar issue for you on version missmatch?


That is correct that is why we are using 11.01.130 since that is the only version of OS11 that supports Imprivata 6.0 until we get Imprivata upgraded.

@member Hi Chris, we dont use Imprivata, just VM Horizon on Lenovo endpoints

Gotcha, I must have read a response from someone else and got it in my head that you were.

Are you doing any USB redirection, if so can you sent a screenshot of the USB redirection settings?

We have it turned on, but to be honest I don’t think it really utilized for the department that is having the issue.

Ah yes, you should change the default rule to Deny. If you need specific devices then it is recommended to utilize the vendor and product ID to handle redirection.

Redirecting everything to the session can cause lots of issues, including issues with HID devices not being handled properly.

Thank You! We will make that change and monitor from there.

@member what is meant with: storage devices may be redirected only if mass storage options do not meet the requirements for user workflows (typo in document) or software compatibility. How would you better redirect them? Are you referring to drive mapping here?

@member Citrix recommends using Drive Mapping for mass storage devices instead of Native USB Redirection

Unfortunately, we received a report yesterday afternoon after we updated the IGELs with USB Redirection turned On but default rule set to Deny. The user reported that they were actually in the middle of typing a form, and then it just stopped recognizing keyboard inputs, but they mouse still worked to allow them to save their work and restart the IGEL to make it work again.

Yes, if you were redirecting HID devices and stopped then that would make sense

Recommendation is to change on reboot to get the change pushed out.

I had made/applied the change about two hours before the issues reoccurred, and chose Apply on Reboot. Then made sure no one was logged in at the time and manually rebooted the IGEL for the new settings to be applied.

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