Keyboards on IGEL OS freezing randomly

Hi All,

Firmware: 10.04.100 and 10.05.641

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Weird situation, I have 2 partner sites report that some users’ keyboards are not working properly. Like it freezes randomly when they are using it. both sits have been on IGEL for more than a year now and no changes have been made to their site recently.

Hey Erick, i have a similar problem with brand new UD6 IGEL TC ́s. They come with OS 5 and i updated to 10.06.130. Now they randomly crash/freeze.

Hi Erik, what environment are they connecting to? Citrix?

Also, what model of keyboard are they using?

Logitech..dunno the exact modell, some are wireless. i think K270 or somethink like this. And we connect via ssh session running a chrome linux environment.

How many people are there all together in the same room that are using the same keyboards? @member @member

Here are about 60 people using IGEL devices. The issue with the freeze belongs to brand new devices.

OK. Are all 60 using the same model of keyboard?

Are the end-users also using any other wireless devices? E.g. audio headsets, graphics tablets, etc

The issue happens with the brand new devices (UD6). Just unpacked, did no settings, just let them run. After some time they freeze. One thing i recognized is that the all usb ports are also down. No mouse laser, no keyboard lights.

And for your question, the 60 working devices are using deiffrent keyboards and mouse.

@member thanks for the extra info – based on this it doesn’t sound like Erick’s issue is the same as yours – he is only having keyboard issues, not the entire device freezing. For your issue I advise that you submit a support ticket at

Hi @member They state when they are trying to get into Citrix. So it would just be in the browser typing in their password. Randomly freezes. My partner sites are using regular wired keyboards. Would a reset to factory default work?

Hi Erick, maybe resetting would help. I’m trying to understand what could have changed here to trigger the problem :thinking_face: are these new keyboards? Also, see my above questions 🙂

Nope not at all, no new keyboards. They are using keyboards that were included with their desktops. This partner site are using UD Pockets. Never had an issue for almost 2 years now.

Another partner site are on UD3s, they have been using generic DELL keyboards i believe that came with their Wyse thin clients.

Ok, that is strange. Gtg unfortunately but will follow up on this with you later 👋

no worries, I will get more info from my partner sites and ask to reset to factory default.

Hi All,

quick update, I got more info from my partners and they thought it was an IGEL issue. Come to find out it was a Citrix profile issue that had to be reset.

@member thanks for the update! do you have any more precise details about what was done to fix the problem?

When i got on a call with them they stated that the issue persisted wherever the user went to any work station. They were able to get into Citrix and 2FA in but once in the ICA session thats when it froze. We use a profile manager called Appsense and I was able to reset the Citrix Profile.

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