Launch the RMAdmin console via SSH sessions

Please provide some guidance to launch the RMAdmin console via SSH sessions

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Hey Ghanesan N,

unfortunately for the RMAdmin Console there is always a Window Manager necessary. Right now there is no possibility to launch RMAdmin via SSH.

In this case , how to use this RMAdmin console, we are using linux server in both UMS and ICG. please help

What Linux Server OS are you using for the UMS (and ICG). Please be aware that both should be separated due to different requirements.

RHEL 7.9

Any possible to install the UMS administrator utility on windows server ?

The UMS Administrator Console is always installed with the UMS Server, but can only be launched on the UMS Server itself. But it is always a Desktop Environment required.

The UMS Server 12.01.110 can be installed on Windows Server. I would recommend you to to watch the video for the installation in our Knowledge Base:

ok checking

for my requirement , how to restore my backup file in linux UMS server ?

Here you can find some help with restoring the backups:

If you need further assistance, i would recommend you opening a Support Ticket in the IGEL Customer Portal:

Here are some notes on setting up SSH and X11 forwarding for Ubuntu. It allows an SSH from IGEL endpoint to UMS server to run UMS Console.

im using RHEL OS 7.9 platform , in this case im struggling to restore my old backul file via ?

UMS servers should run on windows platforms?

Use the command line then

let me look the URL

I use the rmagent and rmadmin via SSH with X forwarding. You do have to have x11 installed on the UMS server, but once that is done you can do an x11 forward from the UMS server to the remote machine.

You can even do this from an IGEL endpoint in a terminal. ssh -X (capital X) to your ums. After login just run: sudo /opt/IGEL/RemoteManager/rmadmin/RMAdmin.bin

If you have X11 installed on the UMS server with the proper configuration it works fine. Admittedly the permissions can be difficult to get right on certain flavors of Linux.

Shell file that does a few things on Ubuntu that may be required to make it work.

This link gives the steps to setup SSH with X11 forwarding …

I wrote this blog article eons ago, so take it with a grain of salt.

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