Lenovo M600/700 thin clients running IGEL OS 11 users experience issues with monitors going black

After updating from Windows 7 to IGEL OS 11 on our Lenovo M600/700 thin clients we have had a handful os users experience issues with monitors going black. It is occuring when they are away from their computer and come back so we assumed it may have something to do with the screensaver that was set for 10 minutes. We disabled the screensaver completely and it is still happening. This has been happening in our Citrix environment. Any ideas?

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How are your Displays connected? Display port? You could try this kb.igel.com/igelos-10.05/en/solving-hotplugging-issues-with-display-port-monitors-7110841.html

or Disable DPMS kb.igel.com/igellinux/en/power-options-2275394.html

So it depends, but one monitor is attached via a display port to dvi adapter and the other monitor will either have another display port to dvi or will be connected via vga

So after doing a little testing I think it appears to only be an issue with the mixed display to dvi and vga. I was using to displayport to dvi on a thin client we know was problematic and could not replicate the issue. I switched the one to VGA and now the display port to dvi monitor will not wake up after the 10 minute timeout

We can try disabling the DPMS, but can you explain how exactly that works and what the difference between the screensaver timeout and dpms settings is?

DPMS disables the power management itself from the Display<=>Endpoint

It sends different signals (like standby, etc…) to your display, it’s different from just starting a screensaver (or not😄)I would like to see if that works maybe!

After messing around with the settings we found the issue is with the standyby mode. We made the other options never and just turned suspend on. So far I’ve been able to get the monitor to come back every time.

Perfect! Glad to help (at least, a bit).

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