LG 24CK550N will not accept a license

Hi all, has anyone been able to get LG 24CK550N working with 10.05.500? I was able to build it using USB (could not get the device to PXE boot?), but the UMS will not apply the license. I see the hardware ID matching between the device and what I have in the license file/activation portal, but it still says unlicensed. Anyone have ideas on what to check first?

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Hi Althea, they are a few things like:

please check if Port 8443 is opened in both directions, check if the license corresponds to the Macadress (I assume you did that, but just to be sure).

Did you reboot the client after uploading lic?

Yes, the port is open, there are IGEL UD3s on the same subnet. I also did confirm the MAC matches, even on the switchport it’s connected to. I have rebooted the client, as well as rebuilt it.

What happens when you assign the license manually?


Ah, I’m only on 5.09 on the UMS, could that be the issue?

When I try to refresh the license information, I only get “Action Failed”

Well, it might since we addressed a few bugs.

Can I use version 6 without moving to OS11?

Which versions of firmware are you running besides OS10?

All the clients are 10.05.500

Then, (do a backup of VM/DB) and try to see if the UMS Update helps😄

No issues on OS10/UMS6

Ok, thanks!

Hi @member, I upgraded the UMS to 6.02.110 this morning, and it went smoothly. I followed the KB to license manually, and appears to work properly, it states 1 device licensed successfully. However, the device still shows as”No valid license” 😞

Hi, Althea, can you open a terminal (accessories,terminal,+,save), login as root, and issue:

ls /license/dsa/licenses

Would be happy to get the content of the directory

Sorry, do you mean on the UMS server or on the IGEL? I cannot seem to find a terminal on the thin client without having a license, and there is no /license directory on the server (or under /opt/IGEL that I see)

I meant on the endpoint, sorry🙏

Ok, checking there, I do not have any applications at all except setup and things like bluetooth manager and UMS register

I can SSH to the endpoint’s IP address, but can not seem to login (unsure of the password to use)

Can you shadow the device and open a terminal there? Or CTRL ALT F12, to switch to the console?

CTRL ALT F12 worked

so /license/dsa/licenses is empty

can you issue

probeport ipofyourums 8443


Connection successful

Hem… can you provide a teamviewer access later on this day?

Yes, I can indeed. Let me see if I can shadow the endpoint, otherwise I’m not sure how to share it’s screen.

Thank you so much for all the help so far!!

Ok I got shadow working

Great! I’m ready now if you want to PM me the ID / PW!

Let me set up team viewer, as I havent used it before, and I will send it on

For anyone who might come across this, upgrading to 10.06.100 fixed the issue!

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