Linux Packages required for installing IGEL Cloud Gateway on CentOS 7

Does anyone know if there are specific packages that are required for installing IGEL Cloud Gateway on CentOS 7? We currently only deploy CentOS so I don’t think Ubuntu is necessarily an option for running ICG. Tried installing ICG on CentOS 7, got it installed, but then ICG would connect/import into UMS (on Windows 10). I was working from a minimal CentOS 7 installation. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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Let‘s say it this way: Centos isn‘t supported for the moment, even if I prefer Centos, you might get in trouble when opening a Ticket.

That being said, I have the ICG installed on Centos 7, a few other community members too and it works. Python must be there, the Firewall adapted, beside that nothing from what I recall.

How is the issue happening?

Thanks for the quick reply! Basically the ICG installs successfully, but when I try to connect ICG to UMS, it fails. I get an error about the I/O GET request or something. I’ll be sure to try what you suggested above and see if I can get it working. We are just doing an evaluation at the moment so it’s all kind of experimental. Thanks again!

You are welcome: checking Time between Endpoint, ICG, UMS, ADC would be great.

On logs side: UMS Server: IGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverlogs, Catalina

ICG: /opt/IGEL/icg/usg/logs/

may also help.

Is there a AV/Firewall between UMS and ICG? I would disable them temporarly.

Which UCG / UMS Version are you running?

All are currently on the same LAN and time is synced correctly. I’ll have to take a look at the logs and see if they have any useful insight. There is AV between the two. The only Firewall is Windows firewall at the moment and all the ports were opened with the UMS installation I think. UMS 6….Even when ICG is setup but not connected, I’m able to ping the ICG server but the ICG server can’t ping the UMS

From a bastion on the same network, attempt to telnet to the ICG: telnet (ICG address):8443

You can also test via the browser by browsing to the following address:

https://(icg address):8443/usg

An error page should appear.

If either or both fail, there’s definitely an issue with 8443 either on the client or, more possibly to Sebastien’s point, the ICG install.

Also, it looks like SELinux is enabled by default on CentOS7. ThaT could make a difference, too

Thanks for the info!

I’m thinking it’s specifically a CentOS issue because I’m building the environment exactly the same, and the UMS is on the same machine with the same AV and firewall. Definitely going to take a look at all this


I was able to get Cloud Gateway up and running on CentOS 7 after properly configuring the firewall. Thanks again for all the help — Very much appreciated!

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