Load balancing IGEL UMS servers using a NetScaler or similar, pointing your clients to a DNS alias

There was an old thread from earlier this year on it, but has anyone else load balanced their UMS servers using a NetScaler or similar, pointing your clients to a DNS alias? I don’t want to go the appliance route, and would prefer to use our existing NetScalers for the UMS traffic.

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do you mean instead of the Dns round robin? What do you mean „appliance route“? Are you using a high availability UMS?

Sorry, yes, I’m referring to the IGEL HA as described here: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.02/en/configuration-options-16458866.html. I don’t want to do round robin in InfoBlox, either, no. I’d prefer to simply use NetScaler service groups handle it all, if possible. I just can’t find anyone else doing this outside of one person.

Are you referencing to that article from @member?


Yep, that’s the one. I replied to it, but so far have not had anyone else reply.

Might have a much more professional approach than me, I haven’t much experience on that topic but would be happy to help.

Hi Nick, what are you looking at doing that’s different to that blog post?

Wondering the same 🙂

I don’t intend on doing anything different from that article. I was really just looking for two things – a) if anyone else has done it and have had it running in their environment for a period of time, and b) if there was anything on the UMS side of things that would need to be done to support that type of configuration. For the latter, I assume it’d be as simple as building your first UMS server and DB, then installing UMS on a second server, connecting it to the existing DB, and using the DNS alias for the clients to use.

Answer to b) is correct

Awesome, thanks. This is definitely the road we’re going down in the very near future.

I asked this in a separate old thread, but has anything changed here to get NetScaler working with IGEL? I’ve tried UMS 6.03.130 and 6.04.100, and whenever I attempt to connect to UMS using the VIP in the UMS Registration tool on the client, it fails. I can connect if I go directly to the UMS servers, though.

I’ve reviewed the entire NS config twice now, and it is setup exactly as shown in that blog article. Our firewall guys say nothing is being dropped, either. I’m at a loss as to what to check next.

Hey @member

I’m happy to look over your NS config if you want to DM me

I appreciate it, Carl, but IGEL was adament about not supporting anything if we used our NetScaler, so we reluctantly went to round robin DNS in InfoBlox this morning.

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