Local hostname of the IGEL Devices is “localhost.localdomain” instead of name from IGEL UMS

Hello there! Someone else having the issue, that the local hostname of the IGEL Devices is “localhost.localdomain” instead of name out of UMS? using 10.06.190 and 11.04.100 on Mainly UD2 Devices, UMS 6.05. Setting in UMS is “Change name if changed in UMS”, but Devices don’t get the Name. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Hello, did you rebooted the device 2 times after the initial registration?

What is the output in a local terminal of: cat /etc/hostname



here are the Outputs:

root@localhost:~# cat /etc/hostname

cat: /etc/hostname: No such file or directory

root@localhost:~# hostnamectl

Static hostname: n/a

Pretty hostname: IL01_389

Transient hostname: localhost.localdomain

Icon name: computer

Machine ID: dbd272dff9576247bc05cacb5f64b99c

Boot ID: ccb76d926ca5419b917016db9975ced3

Operating System: IGEL OS 11.04.100

Kernel: Linux 5.4.48

Architecture: x86-64


yes i know that “_” (Undersore) isnt allowed, but also a rename to “IL01389” without underscore doesn’t result in proper hostname

rebooted the devices multiple times

I would assume that you will find a record in your DNS for the IP address that your endpoint currently have. Could you check that?

No, unfortunately not. Only in /etc/hosts there are lines with the correct IP Address and Hostname ( with underscore ). IP Address comes with DHCP. If i pu a custom command “echo HOSTNAME > /etc/hostname” in config, hostname is distributed to UMS and Device itself. But then the underscore is removed “magically” from hostname. e.g. IL01_389 becomes IL01389. Although this change would break our naming-syntax, i don’t find a way to make this change permanent.

short update: after removing the underscore from the names of all devices with V10 and V11 installed, and several reboots, the hostnames changed and DNS/reverseDNS is fine also. However, thanks for your tips!

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