Local USB printers do not connect to the Citrix session on IGEL OS 10

Hello, we have 200 IGEL UD3-LX 50 Clients with Version, these clients are connecting via citrix Reciever to a Windows Desktop Server 2016. But the local USB printers do not connect to the Session. is there an issue with the Version and Windows Server 2016? On a Desktop with Server 2012 & 2008 R2 it works fine

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You should set up a new profile in the UMS console. Under Devices-> Printers-> Cups I have set up a TCP network printer:

TCP Print Server: IP from Server 1

TCP Port: 9100

Manufacturer: Generic

Printer Name: Raw Queue

Map printers in Citrix sessions: yes

Use custom Windows driver name: Name of the printer driver as set up on your terminalserver (1:1, case sensitive)

I’m not knowing issues at the moment.

hello thank you for your answer. But i am using a local usb printer and not a network printer. Our network printers are working fine

What Citrix Version?

2008R2-2012 are using the same Citirx Policies than 2016?

It’s the same if you use USB, i just forgot to change the name.

We have Citrix Version 7.15 and yes the citirx policies are all the same

Try the test with a newer Firmware like 10.05.830 is worth a try, since receiver / workspace app are updated also.

Don’t forget to copy your profiles, and update their profile version after update and only apply them to your device.

Recently I also tried Citrix Universal Printing from recent Windows desktops but failed miserably until I got this helpfull link from a coworker:


Turns out if you have a linux Client you still need a special HP2800 series driver (on the VDI side). Citrix has elected this driver as their Universal Printer for the use with Linux Clients.

All the other Citrix Universal Printer drivers and most policy settings are exclusively for Windows clients.

In older windows version (on the VDI now) this HP driver was installed by default. But on newer versions like Desktop 2016 you have to install it yourself (if you follow the link above there is an howto)

If you want to use this Universal driver from an IGEL you just need to default setting (Generic Postscript).


thank you guys!! it was exactliy this: support.citrix.com/article/CTX140208

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