Logitech C920 webcam not working in Citrix VDI on IGEL OS 11.05.133

I am trying to get Logitech C920 webcam to work in a Citrix VDI deployment. I was not able to get the HDX webcam redirection to work. I was able to set the USB redirection to globally deny and then allow my webcam and a few other devices to function as needed. When trying to use video in MS Teams or other UCC platform, the video starts well and then starts to scramble and jump without stopping. If I unplug the camera and plug back in, it will start normal again, but quickly revert to the jumping. Has anyone see this and are there any recommended steps? I am trying to make this work for Teams/Webex/GTM/etc. I am running 11.05.133 of Igel OS on UD6LX devices.

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See both of these:



I have followed all of these and are still having the issue The HDX webcam redirection is not working with my cameras. I am having to fall back on native USB redirection to have the Citrix session see the cameras.

Does MSTeams in the VDI show up as “Citrix HDX Optimized” (in about -> version area)?

No, it shows that i have (64-bit)

If you are trying to get the Citrix MSTeams optimization working (MSTeams offloading from VDI to TC), that will not be the same as generic “HDX Realtime Webcam redirection” (which is for 32-bit apps).

I realize that this may or may not show as optimized. I know that it used to be that only the 32-bit version was able to be optimized with linux clients for Citrix. I am not sure if this is the case still or not, but regardless of being optimized, I just attempting to get the video to work if possible.

For webcam to work in Teams 64-bit, I believe it has to be showing the “HDX optimized” message. It doesn’t seem that the “HDX Realtime Webcam redirection” will do it (32-bit apps only). I didn’t think that “Native USB redirection” was recommended for this purpose, especially since Teams optimization is now supported in CWAL.

Have you gone through this? It’s been a good reference: support.citrix.com/article/CTX253754

I just went through the new IGEL guide and followed all of the steps and my camera disappeared once again. I then removed the policy for webcam redirection and it came back. I just performed a test call and the image seems more stable, but I will need to test more to see if the images continues to bounce and go crazy. I saw where there were some more settings in registry added and some different items for codec that I missed originally.

I still can’t get the “HDX optimized” message to appear. I am now showing “Citrix HDX Not Connected” after clearing the .json settings files from appdata and relaunching. If I launch the same session on a Windows client, I achieve HDX optimized.

Which FW/CWAL are you running? Can you confirm the UMS setting for “Teams Optimization” is set for the TC?

Have you tried “quitting” (full exit of MS Teams client) a few times?

There is a trick to clear the Teams cache – “7 clicks method”: www.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftTeams/comments/gly1y8/can_there_be_a_button_for_clearing_the_cache/

Another citrix article:


(Side note: It seems that some c920 support in-cam H264 encoding. If you have a model that does this, it might make it not work with CPU offloading: www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/f2icry/psa_logitech_has_removed_hardware_h264_encoder/)

I will give these a look! Thanks! I am running then 2103 baked into 11.05.133. My Citrix environment is running 1912 CU2. Yes, all settings have been cleared and the UMS setting is there and enabled. As noted earlier if I move a running session from the Igel client that is not working to a Windows or Mac, the optimization takes effect and starts working. The session is optimized and using the same c920 camera.

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