Logitech USB Headsets and IGEL OS 11.04.240 go offline after some time

Hi all, i have a question regarding USB Headsets from Logitech. We are using IGEL OS11.04.240 with IGEL UD3 and Citrix. On all devices we are using Logitech USB Headsets 540. A couple of users are experiencing issues with enabling these headsets. While these Headsets are connected, they seem to be offline after some time. If the user pulls out and plugs in the device it turns on again. If he starts a webex meeting without doing that, no audio is available. Is there someone out who is also experiencing such issues?

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Best regards to all!

Hi Bernd, i didn‘t experienced that exact behavior tbh. but I would like to test the latest Private Build version against this. Will send you a PM.

Hello Bernd, I think I seen a similar Problem some time ago – can you check if disabling and re-enabling only the microphone (in Windows) also helps unmuting the microphone?

Hi, that was not possible because the device was disconnected from the igel locally. As i ́ve seen today, only the microphone part of this headset device was recognized, the speaker system appeard after replugging. One major problem seems to be that this headset isn ́t supported by igel 😞 I ́ll check that with jabra now, and alos with the newest firmware version i ́ve got grom @member

Oh, apologies @member I misunderstood you there.

With Jabra Evolve you cant go that wrong I think, made some really good experiences with Igel, mostly with Evolve 20 (wired) and Evolve 65 (wireless).

Thx for this encouragement 😂 I ́ll give the Evolve 30 a try…

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