Logon to the IGEL UMS Webapp against the active directory is not working

logon to the ums webapp against the active directory is not working at the moment or not implemented yet? and yes – thx a lot to IGEL listen to us regarding a web ui for the ums 😉

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It works, just tested a few seconds ago.

Try another Webbrowser instead. check proxy, …

I use the holy google chrome 😉 no proxy present

Then, give Firefox a Chance. I don‘t use Chrome, but Firefox more or less everywhere😉

sure 😉

but the same issue 😉

Does it work in the Console?


Then please open a ticket, that would make sense.

If you have a chance to grab Logs: I would check




C:Program FilesIGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverlogs

case openend => ITRS#2020072210000612

perfect. Did the logs gave you any advice in the meantime?

8443/wums-app/authentication/login{500, wums.error.application.GENERAL_APPLICATION_ERROR, Internal login API (IMI) could not be called!, category=APPLICATION_ERROR, message=wums.error.application.GENERAL_APPLICATION_DETAIL}

Are you testing on the server or remoteöy? Any kinf of AV installed locally on the server? Firewall?

no firewall – local site

Are you testing on the server?

I tested both

it seems like port 8443 is needed from the browser to the ums. am i right here @member?

yes 8443 is needed

That‘s true, at least for the IMI Connector.

ahhh i thought the browser itself is connecting to the IMI directly…

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