Looking for a breakdown regarding exactly what the “IGEL OS SCCM Add-On” does?

I’m looking for a breakdown regarding exactly what the “IGEL OS SCCM Add-On” does. It seems like it only creates an IGEL boot image and task sequence, but I want to make sure it won’t overwrite any of our existing images and task sequences, and that it won’t create any deployments automatically or anything like that.

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Hi! As far as I know, the SCCM add-on will only create the image and the task sequence and won’t interfere with any other configurations, or automatically start any deployments.

@member this is my understanding as well

As mentioned in IGEL’s KB:

> The task sequence will be executed after the device has booted into the IGEL OS Boot Image (WIM).

So the task sequence would only be executed after you have deployed the boot image using the Distribute Content Wizard in SCCM

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@member I am currently installing this in my lab and will confirm, but I have many customers that installed the SCCM Addon in Production environments with out issues like overwriting.

@member Thank you. Would you also be able to tell me what firmware version of the image the SCCM add-on uses? We’d like to make sure the UD2s we deploy are on the same version.


In this article it shows existing SCCM Boot Images that did not get overwritten

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