Looking for a way to RDP from an IGEL OS 11 Thin Client to Windows 10 machine?

Looking for a way to RDP from an IGEL OS 11 Thin Client to Windows 10 machine

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Is the RDP Session configuration described here: kb.igel.com/igelos-11.01.110/en/server-16450063.html not covering your needs? is additional help needed?

Yea I would appriciate some additional help

So, where are you stucking?

These are the errors i get

Which Firmware (Igel OS Version) are you using?

I am using OS 11

These are the settings I am using

and which version exactly? 11.02.150 is one possibility just to give an example.

Can you remove the Remote IP and move it to the section Server (instead of Gateway)?

Like this?

Yes 🙂

I get these errors

The IP of the windows 10 computer is

Can you provide a teamviewer access to your computer ( as PM)? We could then VNC to the endpoint.

Just deleted them…

Thanks again!

Sorry one more question how do i get out of rdp when im done

Sure! You could enable the Control bar like here:

Control Bar for RDP Sessions

There you can X the Window and disconnect. As an Alternative when wanting to go back to the Desktop: CTRL WIN D

Ok thank you

Anddd one more question. Is there anyway I can bypass the username and password and just go straight into RDP?

Sure: just save them under:

Sessions,RDP,RDP Sessions,Your Session, Logon

Don‘t check the use Passthrough Checkbox!

I did but it still asks me when I double click on RDP W10

Any other thoughts?

Please add . in domain, that should do the trick!

Okkkk perfecttttt

Ok sorry another question I have is with IGEL OS is it possible to run a virtual machine?

Officially supported, no. Unsupported yes, you can activate it under System,Firmware Customization,Features,Virtualbox

Please assign a firmware first before assigning this profile.

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