Looking for best way to move IGEL OS 10 licenses on UMS 5 to UMS 6?

Is there a document outlining the best way to move OS10 licenses on UMS5 to UMS6? We need to move the licenses in the way that they were purchased (20, 30 at a time)

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I‘m sorry, I have to ask what you are meaning by move licenses from UMS5 to 6?

In UMS5 we have license auto-deploy enabled. We have built a new UMS6 environment that we are going to use to manage our v11 clients. We need to move the licenses currently tied up in UMS5 to the thew UMS6.

From my understanding, you don‘t need to move licenses since they are on your license portal and your UMS5 only connects to it for license requests. So, using the same ALD Token on UMS6, would allow you to use them. I would suggest to use the UMS Licensing ID:


Perfect, thank you

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