Looking for help with teamviewer as an IGEL OS Custom Partition?

Hello, anyone already tried to setup teamviewer as a custom partition? We need the standard app and quick support, would be cool if anybody already did it before and can share the script with me

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Hello Dominique, I didn‘t by myself but I have the standard CP we are handling out. Hold on, please post it in a Minute.

Hope that help to give you a first insight.

On How to, this great article may help too:


@member after building the package I can’t start teamviewer. I got the error: teamviewer daemon ist not running! Please start the daemon (needs root permissions) before running teamviewer. I tried adding systemctl start teamviewerd.service to the init case in your script but this didnt helped.

Is the service already there? Can you start the daemon by hand?

teamviewer daemon status

teamviewer daemon start

Already tried that, Unit teamviewerd.service not found. I am installing teamviewer on my ubuntu right now and will check the service

I copyied the service in the init part. Now it works. If you want to add it to github I can send you the files

Yes, please! Would be happy too! Great work Dominique!! You are a Rockstar👍👍

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