Looking for more information on IGEL UD3-LX11 and USB anti-theft connectivity bar


We have a customer interested on IGEL UD3-LX11 and USB anti-theft connectivity bar. I didn ́t found any complete information about its function and/or configuration. Could anyone send me the steps to configure it and its capabilities?

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Thanks and best regards

Hi, well there is nothing to configure. You screw the feet at your endpoint and it‘s done😄


I already found that note but:

USB Anti-theft is inside connectivity bar or customer needs to buy it from 3rd party and mount it?

Which is the reason for use it? What occurs if anyone theft it?

Right, a USB Connector is inside the bar and invisible/not accessible from outside. The bar is a separate product to buy at your reseller.

Most of our customers are using it for Point of Sale Devices or License dongles that shouldn‘t get stolen.

Just what I thought. Thanks for confirmation 😉

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