Looking for more information on IGEL’s NEW Amazon Workspaces client?

Has anyone heard back on the new Amazon Workspaces iGEL? I am very interested in more information (Is it WSP? Webcam support? Special OS Build?)

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Pretty sure it is PCoIP for now

You could join the actual Zoom Session happening right now, by our very own @member igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8JC44LSZ/p1616064491015400

Wow, @member you had two of the best respond to you really quick:-)

• So currently, to @member point, yes PCoIP only from what we’ve be given from AWS on their WorkSpaces Linux client

• WSP is something that should be coming later this year. As you know, customer demand for AWS is everything for driving feature requests

• For webcam, etc, the current recommendation is to use your favorite UC app in a custom partition on IGEL OS and not in the WorkSpaces session, not only because of the limitations to peripheral support, but also because optimization will be key and AWS is still working towards it.

Reach out to myself more for further details if needed!

I am really bummed I missed out on the panel, is the webinar available as a recording at least? Will you be hosting another soon?

I think this is for you @member videos.igelcommunity.com/amazon-workspaces-on-igel-os/

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